Ballad of Injun Joe: Diesel did him in

Grew up in the city

Drove a diesel bus

Never smoked tobacco

Like his buddy Gus.


Moved out to the country

Had nine girls and boys

Worked as a bus mechanic

Bought 2-cycle toys.


Sat in Gus’ kitchen

As smoke filled up the air

Gus later died of cancer

Injun Joe lost all his hair.


Joe’s kids still ride smoking trail toys

Drive diesel trucks to work

Their lungs are gone, as is their hair

O God, what stupid jerks.

School is fun at Coppertown USA!

Scratching the surface of a geological wonder called Copper Country!

Every young student (and their families) should visit Coppertown USA museum at least once. Then demand that local Copper Country schools include more activities & studies about the incredible geology, copper mining history, and potential for sustainable new industries in Keweenaw, Houghton & Ontonagon counties!

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Join the Copperland Anti-pollution Revolution

Join the Copperland Anti-pollution Revolution!

God has always wanted man to be independent, not tied to the herd mentality or tribal religions. We were not created to be slaves to the greedy.

Copperland Corporation is leading an industrial war on the rich – rich industrialists and their financial backers, those who generate & sell health-destroying products and industrial pollution. They will never change.

We are not rich. Like you, we have to work hard at carving out & maintaining an independent lifestyle. We do have technical know-how – God-given solutions to power, heat, transportation, food & fuel.

Join us as we show you how to win the war on pollution with new technological approaches. We expect millions of people to rise up into a new world of self-determination that no longer supports the rich man. This means manufacturing our way back to health, wealth & freedom.

You may have to start out part time, and build into full time jobs. We will show you how – step by step.